YFS Volunteers Visit to Annapoornamma Awasam

Sourced from: http://vjthamizharasan.com/youth-for-seva-vana-yaatra-to-gokavaram-andhra-pradesh/
Youth For Seva (YFS) an Organization to encourage Volunteering activities among Youths planned for a 2 days trip to Tribal Hamlets around Gokavaram (Andhra Pradesh) to understand the Life Style, challenges faced and Education system of Tribes. We were there on 27th and 28th Dec, 2013. Three volunteers (Myself, Dinesh Babu and Padma Priya) from Chennai Chapter started our journey on 26th December from Chennai Egmore
We reached the Annapoornamma Boys Hostel and we were received with a warm welcome by Mr Paranthaman and his son Venkat who were the incharges of that hostel. 
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On the whole, this trip has been amazing. It was filled with fun, adventure and some heart touching stories of tribes. Gave opportunity to meet new people, meet our own volunteers from other parts of India, discuss with them on few other seva projects, etc. Though the pictures above may reflect mostly the fun part, the real action plan starts now which would not be possible to be shown in the pictures.
Action plan needed:
  • Funds to be raised for training the kids on archery and rifle shooting as per Mr Suresh’s plan.
  • Funds to be raised to improve the health conditions of the tribes.
  • A model Tribal Hamlet has to be created, so that on seeing this other tribal hamlet would be willing to accept change.
  • Volunteers needed to stay with these tribes and help them improve their standards (One thing I should mention here, this village doesn’t have electricity and proper signal for mobile. They have a solar power electric post installed, out of which there is only one street light glowing and signal for mobile comes in a very few places where you need to wait for minutes to capture the signal)
YFS Volunteers at SSVVK Boys Hostel Kurnool YFS Volunteers at SSVVK Boys Hostel Kurnool YFS Volunteers at Sai Baba Temple Kurnool YFS Volunteers at SSVVK Hostel Kurnool