Monday, November 1, 2010

Volunteers of Youth for sewa at Seva Bharathi run affection home: Annapoornamma awasam

Volunteers of Youth For Seva participating in Sewa Activities of Seva bharati in Kurnool

Youth for Sewa Volunteers at Annapoornamma awasam - Sewa bharati kurnool

Volunteers of the Youth for Sewa visit Annapoornamma Awasam (a unit of Sewa bharati) spend some quality time with the boys.

Homes for the poor:Sewa Bharati - Annapoornamma vidyarthi vasathi gruham

GOKULAM is the place where Krishna blossomed from an ordinary cowheard boy in to one with extraordinary tallents. It is only a matter of chance that we give to a kid and he will come out with flying colors.
            Annapoornamma vidyarthi vasathi gruham is an effort, where the ordinary boys deprived of childhood are tendered to bringout skills in them. Some of the children are destitutes, some economically weak and others socially weak. The main focus ofcourse will be on the kids who have come from disintigrated families and are victims to the local social problems.

         Right from the day one it's been a wonderful experience and nourishing moments of joy. From a humble start of 4 boys (4th sept 94) today this innovative effort has been able to tender the tallents of 18 kids all of them boys. The boys are selected from the Kurnool, Anantapur and Cudappah districts. Present no represents 10 villages from the above said places. Children now are from varying 1st class to intermediate and performing a wonder, revealing their inner talents. Located in the Chidambararao Street in Kurnool the affection home is a continuing effort and fruitful in all spheres touching the inner hearts of the people in and around.
A small kid came to annapurnamma vasthi gruham he was picked up begging on the streets by one of the volunteers of sevabharathi, now the boy is an active kid with performance in education and sports. A dream come true for the people working for the mission to see the young mind blossom to colors naturally.

         Folk arts is one area the children stand different. The local adugula bhajana has caught the attention of the Kurnool elite and common equally.

     The Hostel / home is now in a rented house. Now to provide the children more facilities and good environment of learning and living, a new building is planned. The work has already started and is in anticipation of the help from the society in whatsoever possible way. Contribute to the Mangala nidhi and support the Children... 

 The staff of Andhra Bank of Kurnool donating thousands of rupees for the last three years to Annapurnamma hostel of Kurnool shows their concern for affection homes. A poor barber volunteering to do his job freely for our children really proves how people show their concern and contribute their mile.